Purple Innocence

Purple Innocence is not my actual name, I mean what kind of cool parents would do that? It is, in fact, a combination of two things that bring me joy and in different ways define me. Purple is my favourite colour, it is the colour of fasting and readiness and also of royalty and richness. Innocence is one of my nicknames, taken from the insight that I want to see the good and pure in everyone, in fact I can’t actually help myself, I have to see people in this way because I’m so empathic. Together these things describe me far more accurately than is comfortable really.  I used to spend my life forming new communities, trying to make sense of the whole faith thing in as near the real world as I could get while working in the Church of England. After 20 years I was unceremoniously thrown into the real world and as a result retired from that work. The last few years have been a mixture of trauma and survival, there have been many changes and I have had to face many truths about myself and those around me. These days my life is delightfully messy, I like myself more than I ever used to; my husband Matt, is amazingly lovely and my cat Mikey is the ruler of all he surveys.

I now work with people to achieve their goals, whatever they are. I  listen, coach and suggest ways that they might move forward. I’m a certified coach  with a specialism in trauma and an expertise in grief. I finally published my first book in 2020, What Comes After   is the story of our survival after multiple miscarriages.

I write about things that bother me, things I find interesting, things I’m learning, observations I have made in my life, books I have read, places I have visited, cakes I have baked and/or eaten, basically anything that makes me think including, occasionally zombies.

I really hope that there is something on here that speaks to you in some way and wish you the wisdom to know what to do with it.

Nikki  (aka PurpleInnocence)b&w headshot


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